Your Coach

Adrienne brings a (w)holistic approach to wellness.  Having balance between all aspects of our lives supports and nurtures our total health: spiritual, physical, and mental.  Guiding others to discover the many opportunities and ways to bring health and wellness to their lives is key.  “I want people to be educated and well informed in regard to their health and wellness so they can make informed, smart decisions”.  As a former librarian Adrienne learned the importance of helping others to find the answers to their own questions.  Instead of telling them the answer, helping them find resources so they could find the answers is much more powerful.  Using evidence based practices and a caring, guiding style Adrienne empowers her clients to articulate their goals and find change and inspiration from within.  Her personal, supportive, and (w)holistic approach helps her clients achieve their goals and maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Adrienne earned her Masters in Health and Wellness with an concentration in herbalism and a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Wellness Coaching.  Adrienne’s herbal studies reflects her interest in herbs, wellness, and self-care.  She combines modern, scientific knowledge with traditional herbal wisdom.  Adrienne invites her clients to learn to practical ways to incorporate herbs into their daily lives through food preparation and a healthy diet.  Adrienne is an advocate of eating mindfully to bring awareness and intent to eating.  This approach shifts the focus from what we eat to how we eat and creates a health view of our diets.

Adrienne and her husband have been married for over 30 years.  She has three wonderful adult children and a couple of cats.  Adrienne spends her free time reading, gardening and enjoying her family.  Adrienne uses her skills and knowledge in herbs to prepare simple and useful herbal remedies for family and friends.