Your Coach

Hello, my name is Adrienne and I bring a (w)holistic approach to wellness and coaching.  I believe we need a balance between all aspects of our lives to support and nurture our total health: spiritual, physical, and mental.  I also want people to be educated and well informed in regard to their health and wellness so they can make informed, smart decisions. As a former librarian I understand the importance of helping others to find answers to their questions; it’s more powerful for you to discover your path than have someone tell it to you.  Using evidence based practices and a caring, guiding style I strive to empower my clients to articulate their goals and find inspiration from within.  

Evexia Everyday was started to bring wellness to our everyday lives.  Coaching for wellness from the inside out and herbal products for wellness from the outside in.  I have a Master’s degree in Health and Wellness with a concentration in herbalism plus a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Wellness Coaching.  My continuing herbal studies and my herbal product line, reflects my interest in herbs, wellness, self-care, and healthy living. I am an advocate of eating mindfully to bring awareness and intent to eating.  This approach shifts the focus from what we eat to how we eat and creates a health view of our diets. I combine modern scientific knowledge with traditional wisdom.   

When I am not coaching or creating herbal blends I am a busy wife (30+ years), mother (3 children with three rescue cats), daughter, sister and friend.  I still find time to read cozy mysteries, putter in my garden and crochet.