Dilly Pillow


Deep sleep comes naturally when using a Dilly Pillow – the organic herbs release their fragrance as you need it; the more you toss and turn the more fragrance is released naturally lulling you into a deep, restful slumber.

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Ingredients: Organic herbs stuffed into 100% cotton bags

  • Lavender pillows = 100% Lavender flowers
  • Marjoram and Hops = 100% Origanum majorana crushed herb and Humulus lupulus whole flowers

Use: place the Dilly Pillow inside your bed pillow; as you sleep you are surrounded by the subtle fragrance of the herbs designed by nature to promote deep, restful sleep.  If you are having a bad night and you are restless, tossing about, your movement will crush the Dilly Pillow releasing additional hypnotic aroma. 

Fragrance: Lavender or Marjoram and Hops


  • Do not wash with bedding while your wash will smell great the herbs will loose their potency.
  • Allergy test before use. 


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