What Is Coaching

Coaching is a partnership where the coach supports you, challenges you, and cheers you towards your goals.  At Evexia Everyday the coaching partnership is designed to enable and empower you to develop and articulate your life goals to enhance your well-being.  Together we create action plans to accomplish your goals; these plans are based on your vision of your future and align with your values.  Action plans utilize your personal strengths and external resources to make sustainable, healthy lifestyle and behavior shifts to bring lasting changes for your health and wellness.

Evexia Everyday coaching is individualized and unique to each partnership.  Common structural elements to our partnerships include establishing your goals, identifying your strengths and values, discovering obstacles you face, designing your action plans and setting accountability parameters. 

At Evexia Everyday we understand change isn’t easy and can be scary.  For change to happen a client needs to be committed to the process of change and honest with themselves and their coach.  The hard work happens between coaching sessions; this is where commitment to change is essential. Between session exercises are designed to further your thinking and work on your action plans.  By being willing and honest with yourself and by putting in the effort needed to change – positive change can happen.  

Evexia Everyday coaching sessions reflect the needs and desires of the client.  All sessions are confidential. Sessions can be 30, 45 or 60 minutes by phone or face-to-face.