Wellness Coaching

How healthy and well you are?  How healthy and well do you want to be and how do you to get there?  What is Wellness?  Being physically, mentally, and socially balanced.  Wellness Coaching is coaching for wellness - like a sports coach who pushes you towards physical goals (swim faster, run longer, play sharper, win the championship) a Wellness Coach supports you, challenges you, and cheers you towards your Wellness goals.  As your Wellness Coach I help you find your personal balance. 

Empower and enable yourself to figure out and state your goals.  See where you are now, acknowledge where you were and look to where you want to be - then together we create action plans for you to get there.  Start creating healthy habits, shift your perspective, and change reactions so you can make sustainable, healthy lifestyle and behavior shifts and bring lasting changes towards your health and wellness and happiness.

Coaching is individualized and unique to each everyone.  While there are common structural elements we do Not use a cookie cutter - one size fits all - turn-key approach.  We help you establish your goals, identify your strengths and values, discover obstacles you face, design your action plans and set accountability parameters.   It really is all about you!

Change isn’t easy and can be scary, at Evexia Everyday we understand.  For change to happen you need to be committed to the process of change and honest with yourself and your coach.  The hard work happens between coaching sessions; this is where commitment to change is essential. Between session exercises are designed to further your thinking and work on your plans.  By being willing and honest with yourself and by putting in the effort needed to change – positive change can and will happen.  

All sessions are confidential. Sessions can be 20, 45 or 60 minutes by phone or private video conference. 

20-Minute Wellness Review

Not sure if Wellness Coaching is right for you?  Want to try Wellness Coaching first before committing?  Our 20-Minute Wellness Review takes you through an exercise to help you articulate where you are and where you want to be.

(Limit one per person and for new clients only.)

20 minutes @ $10

4 – Week Program

Looking to make minor lifestyle changes; need support and guidance while adopting new habits?  Our 4 Week Program includes the initial intake session plus three coaching sessions (one per week); each session is 45-minutes promoting you to succeed.  This is for people who know what the want to do just need help and support getting started or for people who have an idea and need to clarify their goal and form a plan.

4-week package @ $140

3 – Month Program

Time for Big changes?  With our 3 Month Program you set goals, create action plans with the support and accountability you need to make lasting change.  The initial intake session is followed by eleven 45-minute weekly coaching sessions.

12-week package @ $400

Tune-Up and Check-In

Tune-Up – Check-In – Wellness Review, Single Sessions are designed for those who would like an occasional Wellness Review and the chance to check-in and fine tune wellness goals.  After completing a coaching program, a Single Session offers you the chance to review your wellness changes and keep you on track. Single Sessions are also a great opportunity for someone who is self-motivated to change and just wants to review and articulate their goals.

45-minutes @ $40